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Welcome to the web page of the Rivero lab

Our lab specialises in research into the actin cytoskeleton, a cellular structure that plays key roles in almost all  processes, including motility, cell division, cell-to-cell and cell-susbstrate interactions and intracellular transport. 


The actin cytoskeleton is a very dynamic structure. A variety of proteins are involved in its assembly and disassembly. We investigate the function of these proteins and the mechanisms that regulate the reorganization of the cytoskeleton.


Our lab has used a variety of model systems, including social amoebae and mammalian cells and is currently investigating the role of the cytoskeleton and signaling proteins in platelet function.


The Rivero lab is part of the Centre for Atherothrombosis and Metabolic Disease of the Hull York Medical School. Click here to visit the official webpage of our Centre and here to visit the webpage of the Hull Platelet Research Group.

Dictyostelium amoebas expressing GFP-actin feeding on fluorecently labeled yeast cells (red)

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